Why women who make the first move are more successful

It’s traditional (but also very stereotypical) for men to take the initiative and make the first move in a relationship, from asking someone out for the first time to getting down on one knee and popping the big question. After all, we live in modern times and it’s totally okay for women to take matters into their own hands. Based on research from dating services, it’s high time women stepped up and started taking control.

1. Women shouldn’t wait for suitable dudes to come along

Prince Charming won’t appear out of nowhere. Guys often send more messages than women on dating sites, and this technique is known as “fishing.” The more messages you send, the better your chances of ‘catching’ something in the sea!

However, we all know that quality is better than quantity and women spend a lot of time waiting for someone worthy to reach out to them. Instead, ladies should stop waiting for that first message and be brave enough to hit send and start the conversation.

2. Guys love it when women approach them first

The more messages guys receive on dating apps, the more they send in return. For this reason, women are more likely to get a response from a man if they take the leap and make that first move. It also means that all the power is in the hands of the woman. They can choose how to start the conversation instead of dealing with eye-roll-worthy lines.

3. Women are likely to find a better man when they take the initiative

Based on OkCupid statistics, people tend to reach out to someone they perceive as more attractive than themselves. Guys have no problem gunning for someone outside of their class, so why can’t women take the initiative and make sure they only talk to men? Looks aren’t the only advantage—by choosing first, women can ensure they have an overall more attractive mate.

4. Ladies are more likely to find love when they make the first move

Acting first can change your entire life. When women reach out, the likelihood of finding their soulmate will increase dramatically. Whoever is good reaps the benefits in the end, and that goes for many things in life, including love. Based on a study by The League, the statistics may actually be in the woman’s favor.

5. It’s better than waiting

How many women do you know who have complained about waiting for a man to contact after a first date or waiting for a match to text first? Many women are against the concept of reaching out, but it doesn’t make you look desperate – it’s actually sexy and assertive to say something!

6. It’s social skills practice

Whether you get rejected or the person falls for you, taking the initiative and reaching out to someone first is a great way to build your confidence. Think of it as practicing social skills that can be applied in different areas of life, rather than worrying about putting all your eggs in one basket.

7. It will help you weed out the bad ones

Women being proactive is a good thing, and if a man doesn’t agree with that, it might mean he doesn’t deserve your attention. If he has a problem with a woman being the initiator, it could be a sign of control issues or playing games, and a partner who celebrates your boldness and clarity is one you want to invest more time in.

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