Weird but good things to put in your smoothie

One of the hottest trends in the health world is the smoothie, and it’s a craze that seems to be here to stay. But that’s a good thing, because smoothies are one of the best ways to get important nutrients into your diet. By mixing the ingredients, you can create something that packs some serious nutritional power.

Because of the consistency of smoothies, it’s easier to consume the same amount of fruits and vegetables that would take you a while to handle in their solid forms. What many people love about smoothies is their versatility.

You can enjoy them for breakfast, a snack or as a meal replacement. You can even make them heartier and create a smoothie bowl topped with delicious ingredients. But as the smoothie gets more complex, the ingredients get even more interesting. While you can still enjoy a smoothie with a few simple ingredients like fruit juice, spinach, a few apples and bananas, now there are some pretty weird things being added to the mix.

Some of these products you’d never guess were good smoothie mixes, but they’re actually amazing for you and taste pretty good too. If you’re ready to learn how to up your smoothie game, check out these weird but good things to put in your smoothie.


Just in time for the fall season, this addition to your smoothie will definitely give you all the fall vibes. You can use pumpkin that is cooked canned or even frozen and it provides a nice smooth, creamy texture to your smoothie. It’s also full of vitamins A and C and potassium.

Citrus peels

It’s strange because many people never think to use citrus peels, but it turns out we’re missing out on the benefits of adding them to our smoothies. They are great for flavoring and provide extra vitamin C and fiber, as well as phytochemicals such as carotenoids, flavonoids and limonene.


What? Do people actually put cauliflower in smoothies now? Yes, and it has some wonderful health benefits as a superfood full of antioxidants, potassium, B vitamins and fiber. The great part is that its smooth texture makes it pretty much undetectable in your smoothie.


Another interesting ingredient to add to your smoothie is avocado. These delightful fruits are full of vitamin C, E, K and B6. As for flavor, if you like your smoothies more on the creamy side, the avocado lends a mild flavor to create an almost milkshake-like mixture.


This earthy strength is a great addition to smoothies as it has a mild flavor that complements other flavors well. They are full of antioxidants and betalain, which is great for reducing inflammation. Be sure to steam or bake them first before tossing them to blend.


Are you really ready to turn up the heat? Well, adding a dash of cayenne is the perfect way to kick your smoothie and metabolism into high gear. Chili peppers are known to contain capsaicin, which can boost your metabolism. This supplement is the perfect way to start your day with an extra boost of energy.

Sweet potato

If you need even more fiber in your diet, sweet potato smoothies are your new best friend. They are also full of antioxidants and potassium. Sweet potato is another way to achieve that smooth, creamy texture, especially if you’re going dairy-free and avoiding milk. Boil, bake or steam your sweet potatoes before adding them to the smoothie.

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