UK woman makes 'sad' revelation after 70lb (32kg) weight loss.

Losing weight is a goal that many people have, but it can be difficult to achieve. But that’s exactly what one woman was able to do, and it has since changed her life dramatically. Liv Ralph set out to change her appearance and was able to achieve her goal and then some. The 25-year-old Tik Tok user has lost a whopping 32kg, and those who follow her on Tik Tok can’t believe her drastic transformation. Some don’t even believe she’s the same person. But one of the most startling things about her transformation is one that many women who lose weight can relate to, a complex that can make physical changes difficult to deal with.

Liv Ralph has always struggled with her weight. Throughout elementary school, she was bullied because of her size and shape. People called her things like ‘Hagrid’ from Harry Potter and boys even flirted with her to tease her.

But Liv was determined to change her look and began her weight loss journey in 2018. Since getting serious about her transformation, she’s lost a total of more than 70 pounds (32 kg). Throughout her process, she has been very open and raw on Tik Tok about the ups and downs of losing weight. She’s very transparent about how her journey to losing 70 pounds (32 kg) has affected her on both a physical and emotional level. Because of her honesty, she has gained quite a following online. Liv has amassed more than 37k followers on TikTok, with one of her videos even reaching almost 7 million views.

While all the newfound attention and praise is something she’s new to and enjoys, it comes with a startling revelation about how people treat others differently based on their appearance. Some viewers didn’t even believe her transformation was real, making comments like “I refuse to believe it” and “it doesn’t even look like the same person.”

Men who previously might not have found her attractive are now flocking to her. “Men now give me time, listen to me and take me seriously,” she said. “I will never forget what it feels like to be the ‘fat and ugly friend’, I will spend the rest of my life avoiding that feeling.”

This change in the way people treat her continues to fuel her complex about her body. She said she is no longer seen as a target for bullying or just someone to entertain others at her own expense. “Unfortunately, I’ve now been led to believe that my worth is tied to how I look. I will never stop obsessing over my looks,” she said.

Dealing with this shift in focus is something many women have to deal with when they make drastic physical changes through weight loss. It can become difficult to determine what is real or fake, and how to become comfortable with the attention that is solely associated with a new physical version of yourself.

But there are still positive things that Liv was able to appreciate during this period of transformation. Although there are people who praise Liv just out of vanity, she says, “But my real ones love me anyway.”

Many people who followed Liv before her weight loss have continued to support her as they have. “Beautiful before and beautiful now,” commented one viewer. Another said: “You seem like such a fun person to be around, absolutely gorgeous.” One person commented on how much work she put into her transformation: “Change is good, it’s challenging, I respect hard work. You did amazing.” Many opinions agree that Liv’s transformation is “the best glow ever.”

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