How to Leave a Relationship Gracefully

No matter how great a relationship is in the beginning, sometimes there comes a point when it’s time to end things. It’s not what any of us look forward to, but the unfortunate truth is that relationships can take a turn for the worst. And when that happens, you need to know how to turn around and make the best decision for you. If you end up having to end the relationship, it’s best to have a clear path out of the situation. It can be difficult to maneuver in situations like this without hurting your person’s feelings. So how do you get out of a relationship, or even make sure you want it to end? Check out these tips on how to leave a relationship gracefully.

Weigh the pros and cons.

The first step is to make sure you really want to end things. The best way to do this is by making a pros and cons list. What are the advantages of maintaining the relationship and what are the disadvantages? How will leaving or staying affect you in the long run? Once you are firm in your decision, you can start preparing your mind to actually end things.

Try to consider his feelings.

If you decide to leave your partner, of course you need to think about things from your perspective. But you should also take some time to consider your partner’s feelings. Everything you do will affect them, especially how you choose to break the news to them. How do they react to such things? Consider if they respond better to a soft approach or if they just want to break their bandages.

Make your feelings clear.

Breaking up with someone is never easy, but you need to be direct about how you feel. Don’t get sidetracked and be as clear as possible about what you want to say to your partner. Being passive or vague can make this kind of news even worse. It may be easier to be indirect, and you may think it spares their feelings, but all it will do is create the opportunity for more confusion and hurt.

Be completely honest about everything.

There’s nothing worse than not letting someone hang up. Some people end relationships by simply saying they’re done. It gives no context or understanding for your partner to come to terms with your decision. Being open and transparent about your feelings will ensure that your partner understands why things turned out the way they did. This is the best way to give your partner a better chance of getting over you in the long run.

Choose your words carefully.

At this stage, everything you say will have a big impact on your partner. You can predict that a sensitive and potentially heartbreaking situation like this will lead to tension and possibly anger. They may raise their voice or become upset, but you should try to remain calm regardless of their actions. Try to be as careful as possible with your words so as not to leave the relationship on a bad note.

Stand up for how you feel.

If your partner is taking it particularly hard, they may move into the negotiating phase of the conversation. They may be tempted to try to convince you to change your mind and reconsider your relationship. Although this is understandable, you must be firm in your position. Unless there’s a real reason to think about continuing the relationship, don’t change how you feel just to appease or save your partner’s feelings. This usually does not end well and only makes the breakup longer and even more difficult to achieve.

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