Here's what your coffee order says about you

You might think that your coffee order is just part of your morning caffeine ritual, but it actually says a lot about you. Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage (besides H20), and knowing someone’s coffee order can actually reveal a lot about them, according to human behavior experts.

1. Black coffee

A cup of black coffee is a bold and unpretentious choice. Obviously, people who like this drink are goal oriented or fitness oriented as they are aware that this drink is a low calorie choice. A black coffee drinker is often self-sufficient, focused and determined, but sometimes at the cost of selfishness.

2. Latte

A little more extravagant than black coffee is the latte, which combines steamed milk with a single or double shot of espresso. True coffee lovers and coffee lovers alike love this medium-bodied brew that isn’t overly complex. The latte drinker isn’t overly adventurous or necessarily a risk taker, but they are often pleasant and go with the flow types.

3. Espresso

Espresso is bold like black coffee, but in a different way. Never watered down or softened with milk, a person who orders an espresso is strong, adventurous and empowered. It’s often the same type of person who likes whiskey straight, making this a popular drink for no-nonsense people who are determined and don’t like to play games.

4. Cappuccino

A cappuccino drinker is a little more adventurous than someone who orders a latte at a coffee shop and is often considered funny by their friend. They like to step out of their comfort zone a bit and generally have an open-minded attitude towards life. Cappuccino lovers are often happy to learn a new skill or visit a new place.

5. Cold coffee

When it’s hot outside, many of us turn to iced coffee, whether it’s black or with a hint of cream and sugar. But there’s something special about people who order iced coffee in the winter – they’re misfits, and we mean it in the best possible way. Anyone who orders iced coffee in the cold weather is against the grain. They follow only their own rules and are often found playing in the rain while others run away from it.

6. Flat White

A flat white isn’t that different from a cortado – it’s all about the texture of the milk, and a flat white is a bit more frothy. Those who order this drink are considered sophisticated because it is an acquired taste with a strong coffee aftertaste. The flat white drinker is often outspoken, opinionated, and may even be a little arrogant.

7. Mocha

Mocha is adorable, but does it really count as coffee? Mixing delicious chocolate with coffee and milk, it often comes with a topping and is on Instagram all the time. The person who drinks this can be flamboyant, extroverted, and maybe even a little loud. In other words, the part didn’t start until they arrived.

8. Cortado

For those who don’t know, a cortado is a 1:1 mixture of espresso and milk. The cortado drinker is a big fan of structure and likes to think their opinion matters. They also may not be the most open to change. Cortado is a lesser known drink for coffee lovers, which makes this guy smart. Or at least consider themselves intelligent.

9. Latte with pumpkin and spices

With fall upon us, this drink is all over social media. Adored by the so-called “common people”, the PSL drinker likes fashion and they are not ashamed of it. People who have an affinity for this drink feel a need for validation and sometimes suffer from low self-esteem. They feel a need for acceptance, and this warm fall drink is a layer of comfort for people with low confidence.

10. Coffee with flavored syrup

You never know how one of them will end. A barista can add too much or too little, potentially spoiling the drink. Therefore, this person is not afraid of risk. They are also naturally trustworthy given the faith they place in the person making their drink. They are also creative as they are not sure how their coffee will turn out but are willing to experiment.

11. Tea

Finally, we have the tea drinkers. Although it is not coffee, the world seems to be divided into two things: coffee lovers and tea lovers. Tea represents self-care and reflection, and tea drinkers are often balanced and healthy. They also like their routines.

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