Christmas decorations without spending money

Decorating your home for the holidays can help make it warmer and more festive. Many people think that to create an impressive scene worthy of a magazine, you need a lot of money and expensive decorations, but this is simply not true. In fact, you probably already have most of the basics in your home, allowing you to flex your decorating muscles without breaking the bank. Read our best hacks below.

1. Paper decorations

There are many snowflake and tree paper templates online to make stunning paper decorations. Using a few sheets of paper, you can create your own 3D winter wonderland at home. Google six-beam snowflake instructions on Youtube if you really want to impress with winter decor that doesn’t cost a thing.

2. Dollar store decor

While it’s technically a waste of money, for just a dollar or two you can get some inexpensive ornaments, garland, or faux pine cones to fill bowls and sit on mantles. A few purchases from the dollar store can seriously transform your home, so check out this holiday aisle at your local store.

3. Use dried fruit

Dry fruits can be used to make a beautiful garland hung on doors or anywhere else you like. This versatile decorative string can be made with raisins, cranberries or orange slices…don’t be afraid to get colorful with things. Make it in a dehydrator or oven and thread it with a needle and thread.

4. Make popcorn garlands

Just like dried fruit, popcorn can be strung with needle and thread for a quick, lazy decoration. It looks great wrapped around a Christmas tree. Don’t be afraid to use cheddar popcorn, kettle corn, or other flavored varieties to get some color in your garlands. Another bonus to this hanging decor is that it’s edible!

5. Use fabric scraps

Pieces of fabric can be tied into bows and used on a tree. Don’t have notes? Check your closet for old clothes you no longer wear or damaged clothes. Cut the fabrics into strips and look for patterns to sew Christmas ornaments. You can also tie silk scarves and hang them on a mantle.

6. Check your backyard for natural decor

Items such as leaves, acorns, branches and dried flowers can be used to create beautiful Christmas decorations. Add some glitter or craft paint for extra embellishment and either tuck them into your tree or make a tabletop display out of these items.

7. Handmade poinsettias

Stars are a classic part of Christmas decor and you can make your own by arranging wooden sticks of different lengths into a star shape, connecting the ends by wrapping them with floral wire. Fake berries, beads and other ornaments can be added to the sides , and can also be decorated with a sprig of mistletoe or eucalyptus. Hang these stars near a staircase or window.

8. Fairy lights

String lights or fairy lights are an instant way to add warm and cozy holiday cheer to any room in your home or to a stuffy doorway. No matter how you style them, they’re an easy Christmas chic form of decor that you probably already have at home;

9. Christmas lollipops from paper plates

To create this easy front yard design, use paper plates taped together and draw red and green dots with a marker or paint. Cover with cellophane and stick it into the ground with a stick, tying it with ribbon to really add to that Christmas look. Instead of a giant plate, you can also use a cellophane-wrapped yoga ball for an extra 3D aspect.

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