Can you increase your height as an adult?

Many people who are born with a short side always wonder: can you increase your height after 18? It turns out that there are actually some ways you can increase your height and pretend you look taller, even after you’re past your late teens, when most people reach their peak height. While the results of these tactics may not be drastic, they are better than nothing and can provide you with some very useful hacks. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your height naturally, check out our must-see tips.

First things first: can you really increase your height?

After reaching your final adult height, it is not possible to get any taller, even with exercise and nutrition. This is because the growth plates stop growing at this time. Growth plates exist at the end of long bones and they proliferate to add cartilage, which is replaced by bone tissue to add height. However, some people grow taller than the average person, and others continue to grow until about age 20.

Factors that determine height

Genes: 80% of your height is determined by DNA, based on the discovery of Genetic Home Research. About 50 specific genes play a role in determining your height and growth. Mutations in genes can also stunt growth.

Hormones: Hormones that affect your final height include: growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.

Puberty: Although everyone enters puberty at a different age, it is usually around 11-12 for boys and 9-10 for girls. This growth occurs in two phases – first, a phase of accelerating growth and then a slowing down phase. Growth continues throughout puberty, when teenagers reach the phase of peak growth velocity. For boys, the average age is 13.5 years, and for girls – 11.5 years.

How nutrition and exercise affect growth

What you eat as you age, along with physical activity, can help determine height. When proper nutrition is not provided, nutritional growth retardation can occur. This is a condition in which cells begin to compensate for the lack of nutrients with slow growth. Eating during pregnancy can also affect height. Nutrients such as iron, iodine, calcium and folate can also help promote taller growth in adulthood. Although exercise helps promote better bone density and improves height, excessive exercise can actually stunt growth due to the stress it causes.

Hacks to help you look taller

  • Wear heels: If you find heels uncomfortable, choose a chunky platform shoe or a heel with a more stable surface.
  • Toned: toned limbs appear longer, simulating the appearance of more height. Pilates can be helpful with this.
  • Wear dresses that don’t cut your figure: super short dresses can make you look shorter than you really are, especially if you have a curvy body. Instead, go for below-the-knee, flared or bodycon dresses and skirts. Pencil skirts are also flattering.
  • High Ponytail or Bun: Ariana Grande’s flawless secret to looking taller, both the high bun and the ponytail can help you add inches to the look.
  • Wear vertical stripes: Horizontal stripes are the fastest way to make you look shorter. Instead, always choose vertical stripes that will elongate your body.
  • High Waisted Jeans: Tucking a shirt into high-waisted jeans can make you look taller by creating the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs.
  • Color Blocked Clothes: Color-blocked leggings and dresses can help your body look slimmer and taller.

Important facts to know:

1. Nutrition before 18 years: A healthy diet and consumption of nutrients such as calcium, folate and iron can also help.

2. Trains: Before and after you reach your ultimate health, exercise can help you build lean muscle and stronger bones. Certain exercises such as yoga and pilates can help align and expand the body, creating the appearance of being taller and even adding 1/4 inch, according to some people.

3. Lifestyle change: If you are not active, keep in mind that proper activity is the key to growing tall and healthy as well as staying disease free. De-stressing, getting at least seven hours of sleep and taking care of yourself are also key.

4. Accept yourself: If you still have time to increase your height, there is no reason to give up. But if you’re fully grown, don’t invest all your time and energy into just being taller. Your height should not define how you see yourself.

5. Taller is not always better: Peter Dinklage is proof of that – you can be short and still command a room when you walk in. Also, short people like Jacob Matlala, Ariana Grande and Kate Moss prove that short can be beautiful. You probably know a short person who is full of confidence and exudes an attractive energy. Channel this energy into your own life!

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