8 things in your home you don't clean but should

Lately, we’ve all been a bit more jaded when it comes to cleanliness, one of the few positives of the global pandemic. We’ve all started thinking about what’s clean and what’s not, and for many that means cleaning their home more thoroughly. And while we’re pretty sure everyone’s now wiping down their doorknobs with disinfectant, there are still a few places around your house that you probably haven’t thought to clean but should.

1. Light switches

These little areas get as much use as doorknobs, if not more, and we rarely think to give them a good clean. Just think about how many times a day you turn the lights on and off and how many people in your household do it too. We often spread germs through our hands and fingers, so give your light switches a good clean, paying particular attention to those by the front door and by the bathroom.

2. Washing machine

It may look like a self-cleaning device, but it’s not quite true. Many times washing machines start to grow mold inside them over time – this is what leads to that strange smell you may be familiar with. You can easily clean your washing machine by simply running it on the highest setting and using vinegar instead of detergent. Do this to keep your washing machine clean and fresh.

3. Coffee machine

You wouldn’t normally think of a coffee maker as a dirty place, after all it uses boiling water and the only thing that goes into it is coffee, but apparently they get pretty dirty inside. Because of this, most coffee machine companies recommend that you perform a thorough cleaning of your coffee machine from time to time and run a special cleaning fluid through it to clean the insides.

4. Hair brushes and combs

You wash your hair at least a few times a week, but when was the last time you washed your brush or comb? All those hair products and your hair oils build up on your hair brushes and they get gross. It is recommended that you shampoo your brushes and combs at least once a month and remove any hair that is stuck to them regularly, preferably every time you use them.

5. Light bulbs

Nobody ever thinks to clean light bulbs and it wasn’t really a problem back in the day. The old light bulbs just burned out and died and didn’t need to be changed often, so they didn’t really get that dusty. But these days, most of us have those eco-friendly, long-lasting light bulbs that last for years, if not decades, and definitely need to be wiped from time to time. If too much dust accumulates on the light bulb, it can literally become a fire hazard.

6. Yoga mat

You probably have a yoga mat to do some exercises at home, but how often do you actually clean it? Every time you work out on it, you touch it with your body and your sweat sticks to it, and then you just roll it up and it collects dust where germs can thrive. It’s a nightmare if you think about it. So be sure to wipe down and disinfect your yoga mat after each use.

7. Remote for TV

Remote controls are super dirty – if you could see the number of germs and bacteria growing on them, you’d never want to touch them again. So make sure you disinfect your remote at least once a week to keep it clean and prevent that awful sticky feeling you might have experienced when touching them.

8. Ice dispenser

We can only hope that you clean your fridge regularly, and if you don’t, you should definitely start as soon as possible. But even those who clean their fridge often forget about the ice dispenser. Even though only water gets in, germs can still grow and the inner container can become moldy. So be sure to clean it with a special cleaning fluid or try the water and vinegar method that many people swear by.

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