8 Ice Cream Hacks You Must Try This Summer

Here are eight ice cream hacks you should try this summer.

1. Prevent freezer burn by adding parchment paper

Don’t you hate it when your vanilla ice cream gets covered in that nasty layer of ice crystals? Don’t worry because there’s an easy way to get rid of freezer burn – let the frozen treat sit on the counter for a few minutes. That’s it. That’s the hack. Unless you want to prevent the ice from forming in the first place, in which case you’ll need a sheet of parchment paper and line the inside of the ice cream container. The paper will not allow the moisture to evaporate and therefore there will be no more frozen crystals.

2. Use melted ice cream as a cream

In case you are one of those people who prefer to throw out melted ice cream instead of drinking it or add it to your coffee instead of cream, know that something is wrong with you and you can use the melted vanilla ice cream as crème anglaise, known also like a cream sauce. Just take a spoonful and pour it over freshly baked pudding. Now that is finger licking good.

3. Olive oil and salt

Yes, that is correct. We’re about to sell you on eating your salt and olive oil ice cream and you’re going to love it! Get yourself a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, brush it with olive oil and then add some salt. This food trick will change your life! The salt adds sweetness and the olive oil, well, I don’t know what it does, but it’s magical.

4. Soft ice cream

No one likes to wait for frozen ice cream to soften again. This is a waste of valuable time that could have been used to actually eat your favorite summer dessert. This life hack is pretty simple: just throw the ice cream into a plastic bag, preferably with a zip lock, and try to squeeze out as much air as you can. Packaged ice cream also prevents freezer burn, so it’s a double whammy.

5. Clean your Nutella ice cream jars

While this trick also works with jars of peanuts, we can’t justify such a poor flavor choice. Turns out the ice cream is sticky enough to soak up all the chocolatey goodness you can’t scrape off with a spoon. Now all we need is a life hack that will collect the ice cream scraps you couldn’t scrape off either.

6. Do not scoop hard ice cream

Remember all those times when you took ice cream out of the freezer and it was so hard you couldn’t even put a spoon in it? You had to use a knife to cut it, huh!

7. Air fried ice cream

Have you ever heard of deep fried ice cream? Well, get ready to throw away all that butter, because if you have a deep fryer at home, you can make a delicious ice cream snack that’s still bad for you. For your plan to work, you’ll want a rock-hard scoop of ice cream rolled in crushed cookie crumbs or whatever else you have lying around, and dip it into the batter. Freeze this thing for an hour and repeat the dipping procedure again. Leave the dough-dipped ice cream balls in the freezer for a few hours and then put them in the deep fryer for no more than 4 minutes. Here! Now you have a crunchy snack with delicious ice cream.

8. Frozen yogurt

Cones and regular sticks are so last year when it comes to ice cream eating utensils. Honestly, so does the ice cream. That’s why you’ll want to fill your fridge with the new delicious snack – frozen yogurt! Stick a spoon in the cup and put it in the freezer for an hour. Boom! Here’s your remedy for the summer heat.

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