17 things you should never lie to your man about

When you’re in a relationship with someone, honesty is the best policy. You should not feel the need to lie to your partner and instead be as open as possible with them. If you remain honest and transparent, the relationship is more likely to last and last. Here are things you should never lie to your boyfriend about.

1. Your friends

Your boyfriend should be fine with knowing who you’re dating for both safety and transparency reasons. If they don’t want you to date someone, there may be a good reason.

2. Where are youi’m going

Lying about who you’re dating is just as bad as lying about where you are. And again, safety!

3. Your work

It doesn’t matter if you work at a fast food restaurant and he shouldn’t judge you if you do. Tell him the truth about what your job is like and how much you earn.

4. To love him

If you have ulterior motives for being with someone, that’s not cool. Also, you should never lie about loving someone just because you’re afraid of hurting their feelings.

5. Be well

Don’t say you’re fine when you’re not. If he has done something to upset you, it is better to be upfront and honest about that fact.

6. Age

Being an old woman doesn’t make you any less attractive, but lying does! He shouldn’t care about your age, and if he does, he’s not a good long-term partner.

7. Childhood

Although some of us have events in our childhood that we don’t like to talk about, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. If you had a harsh upbringing, you should trust him enough to discuss it.

8. Goals

Hopefully one day your goals will merge, so sharing this is important. You can’t pretend you want to be a mother if you hate children and vice versa. One day the lies will end and they will end the relationship regardless.

9. Health problems

He deserves to know about a chronic health problem, especially if he may need to help you in a potentially dangerous situation because of the problem in question. Also, if you have an STD, you absolutely need to share it with him because you could spread it.

10. Finances

Tell your BF if you can’t afford to go out every weekend! If saving money is a priority for you or you’re on a tight budget, he might agree to stay instead of going to restaurants and bars all the time.

11. Connection Status

While some people don’t like labels, it’s important to define a relationship on your own terms and, most importantly, determine whether you’re in a monogamous or polyamorous relationship. Open relationships are only good if both people know about them.

12. Hobbies

Whether it’s writing, crafts, or art, you should be proud of your hobbies and talents instead of keeping them a secret.

13. What do you want from him?

If you mostly want sex outside of the relationship, it’s important to let him know that you prefer to keep things casual. If you want to be in a serious relationship, this is also important to discuss. Always be upfront about your intentions and communicate your desires.

14. If youyou are a virgin

We understand that this may be a sensitive topic for some, but there’s no point in pretending that you’ve slept with a lot of other people if you’ve never actually been with anyone. Being inexperienced is nothing to be ashamed of.

15. Sexual fantasies

While you’re certainly entitled to your own space, don’t be afraid to share your bedroom fantasies with your boyfriend. If you share them, he can help make them a reality!

16. Liking his friends

You don’t have to be best with his friends. If you don’t get along with his friends, you better let him know. He may not agree, but he will respect you for being honest. Just try not to be too rude about it.

17. Formers

You never know what could happen, so it’s a good idea to tell bae how many guys you’ve dated before. If you share a little about each of them, he’ll have a chance to gain insight and get to know both you and your past better.

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