15 Body Signs He's into You

As great as modern technology is, it can have its drawbacks. With most communication moving online, many of us have lost the ability to interpret people’s true feelings and express our own feelings. This rings especially true when it comes to love.

Fortunately, our gestures can say a thousand words, so learning how to correctly read body signals can help you more accurately understand the reality of the situation. People can be a puzzle, but understanding body language is something of a truth serum. Here are all the signs that help you understand a man’s true feelings – no language required.

1. Raising eyebrows

If a man raises his eyebrows when he sees you, it means that he loves everything he sees. He wants more from you, and so subconsciously his eyes open wider, which raises eyebrows.

2. Wet hands

Having wet hands means that he gets nervous or hot when he is in your presence. This could mean that he’s worried about making a wrong move and ruining his chances with you, or he’s afraid of saying something boring that might scare you off. Wet hands mean nervousness, so take it as a compliment!

3. Leaning on you

Although this is quite obvious, it means that he is extremely interested. Of course, every situation is different, and if you’re in a noisy environment like a bar or party, he may have to lean down to be heard. But if he can already hear you and is still leaning forward, it means he feels a connection and doesn’t want to miss a word you’re saying.

4. Palm pressure

When a man presses his palm into yours, it indicates a desire for an even greater relationship. The same goes for the interlaced fingers.

5. Spread legs

While this may be an indicator of poor parenting, it is also a sign of trust. Opening your legs wide is a vulnerable position for men, and by doing this in your presence, it means that he is investing his trust in you. That being said, he should read the room if the gesture makes you uncomfortable!

6. Deep breathing

Taking deep breaths when he’s in your presence means he needs more oxygen and also wants to make his chest look bigger and his waist look smaller. By puffing up, his subconscious is trying to make himself look more attractive to you.

7. Eye contact

We all know that feeling when you catch someone’s eyes and you get butterflies. If you’re around other people but you keep catching him glancing at you or even staring at you, especially when you look up, that’s a clear sign of interest. Confident guys aren’t shy about making longer eye contact, but shy guys might steal sneaky glances as you walk past them. If he looks at you when you laugh, that’s also a positive sign.

8. Touches her cleavage or collar

Another indicator of nervousness is if he fusses around his cleavage; this fidgeting means he’s into you. People often pull something with their hands when they’re nervous, so be aware of that, even if it’s not around his cleavage.

9. Authentic smiles

In general, men have a more restrained smile than women. However, when they spend time with someone they like, that genuine smile can spill over. Look for signs like squinting eyes, forehead wrinkles, and teeth showing when they smile. It means you are influencing him in a good way!

10. Change in tone or voice

Does his voice change when he’s around you? If the tone of his voice becomes a little softer and sweeter than the way he usually talks to others, it could be because he’s into you. Also, if he slows down when he speaks, it’s a sign that he’s feeling calmer and more comfortable.

11. I walk to you

If a man walks in front of you, he is obviously more in love with himself than with you. However, if he walks next to you, it shows an interest in your personality and everything you have to say. Although this is a positive sign of mutual communication and interest, he may walk in front of you in a crowded or dangerous context as a way of being protective.

12. Treat your belongings with respect

The way a man treats your belongings says a lot about you. Will it hold your bag? Does he toss your coat or politely hand it to you? Notice how much respect he shows to your belongings as this shows his respect for you. Even if he seems to treat you well, but doesn’t treat your stuff well, it could be a warning sign that he’s not being sincere.

13. Accidental touch

Do you feel like he’s always unintentionally touching you? Whether it comes out as bumping your hand or tapping your feet under the table every now and then, it shows a subconscious desire to be closer to you. We keep our distance from people we don’t like, but the opposite is true for people we have feelings for.

14. Don’t take out your phone

Let’s be real: it’s pretty annoying when someone is always pulling out their phone and expressing a lack of respect and interest in someone in their presence. If he can keep his phone away for most of your time together and isn’t constantly checking messages or Instagram, he thinks the world can wait and paying attention to you is more important.

15. Parting lips

It’s subtle, but it’s basic! Pay attention to his lips if you’re still not sure if his facial expression changes when he catches your eye. If a man opens his lips when he sees you, immediately or a little later, this is a sign of warm feelings for you.

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