10 saving tips for girls with bad taste in boyfriends

When it comes to attraction, the heart wants what it wants. Unfortunately, sometimes our emotions get the better of our logic and we don’t choose the best person for ourselves. We miss that essential moment of consulting our head when our body feels so strongly about someone. Alas, this is one of the reasons why some of us have terrible taste in men and stay in bad relationships with them. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the best dating tips for women with bad taste in guys.

  1. Know that you deserve better

Just because you have bad taste right now doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated poorly in a relationship. You’d be a great girlfriend for a lot of guys, and it wouldn’t hurt to remind yourself that you deserve the creme de la creme instead of those nasty dudes. The moment you see yourself as worthy of love and respect, the more aware you will be of potential red flags down the road.

2. Date someone you wouldn’t normally date

Dating the same type of person over and over again can mean falling back into the same toxic patterns. Instead, you need to change those patterns and choose a new type of man. The guy you may not feel a fiery attraction to at first may turn out to be a simmer that turns into a simmer. When you give someone new a chance, you’ll realize how empowering it can be to be open.

3. Start looking in new places

If you always visit one dating site or a certain bar to meet men and they all turn out to be terrible, it might be time to try something new. New places mean new types of people and stepping out of your comfort zone is always a good thing. Sometimes you have to mix things up, like try a bookstore or a concert.

4. Get friends to set you up

You’d be surprised to learn how many people fall in love because of a blind date or meeting through mutual friends. Although the thought of being set up may cause your body to panic, it can work. No one knows you better than your friends. They only want the best for you, so they wouldn’t introduce you to a fool. Try it! This person could turn out to be your soulmate.

5. Don’t be impulsive and say yes to everyone

If you’re really over bad boys, you might stop hooking up with strangers at parties or saying yes to every man who asks you out. Strike and think before you make a move or accept one. Does this person match your values ​​and treat you with respect? Paying attention to your brain and heart will allow you to maximize your happiness and potential.

6. Know that personality is just as important as looks

We got it. It’s easy to choose the man with gorgeous eyes and amazing hair, but how he treats you is just as important. If you only pay attention to looks, you will most likely find another fool. Although it’s hard, try to look past the experiences and focus on his behavior and how he treats you. In the long run, his personality will matter more than his looks.

7. Don’t be desperate for attention

When someone pays us attention or compliments us, it’s easy to agree to go out with them. But it’s good to have higher standards. Instead of dating a man who takes your time, take some time to find one who is truly worth your time. This will naturally improve your confidence over time.

8. Write down your criteria

We don’t know about you, but a list of pros and cons always helps us understand things. Write down the qualities you want in a boyfriend and the ones you want to avoid in another column. If you’re involved in a new relationship that might not be good for you, you can refer to this list and make sure you’re staying true to yourself.

9. Remind yourself that it’s okay to be single

You don’t always have to be in a relationship. In fact, it can prevent you from growing and learning about yourself. Settling into the comfortable familiarity of a relationship is tempting, but you can be perfectly content as a single person. Being single gives you time to think and also means you get the bed completely to yourself, without any blanket thieves.

10. Look at yourself

Turning the mirror on yourself can be scary if you’re always dating jerks, but it’s necessary. As much as we want to blame the other for everything else, a little self-reflection on our own behavior and why we choose certain people is important. Explore and gain some perspective on how you are in the relationship behind diving into something new. Are you guilty of having bad taste in men?

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