10 Best HGTV Shows Right Now

Sometimes home improvement shows can start to get mixed up, but not all are created equal! Some of these shows are more home improvement based while others focus on the home buying process. HGTV has a lot of shows on the air right now, but only a few are worth watching. Here are our favorite picks with engaging hosts, fun segments and sophisticated design.

1. Good bones

This mother-daughter team works together in Indianapolis rejuvenating old houses. You can really feel the passion in what these two do and their desire to improve the community. A former attorney and real estate agent, these two have a unique insight into the industry and built their business from scratch.

2. Property Brothers: Forever Home

Many viewers are in love with twins Drew and Jonathan Scott. But besides pleasing the eye, these two turn a plain old house into a forever home. They help people unlock hidden potential and can inspire you to do the same in your own home. “Forever Home” is less about real estate and more about custom renovations, which we love.

3. My Great Italian Adventure

In this new show, actress Lorraine Bracco travels to Europe and buys a 200-year-old home for one euro in Sambuca, Italy. It embarks on a 9-month renovation and design journey that is extremely fun for the watch. During COVID-19, we can’t travel, but we’re imagining our own “Under the Tuscan Sun” moment at home.

4. Fastener to Fabulous

Some Reno house shows can get boring, but this 2019 show features a cute couple with banter we can actually stand and no drama. They restore historic homes in Arkansas. Dave handles the construction while Jenny handles the design. They run a family farm and support some pretty amazing causes that give back internationally to children in need.

5. International House Hunter

The normal version of House Hunters is addictive, but because we’ve got cabin fever, we’re dreaming of bigger things. House Hunters International takes things global, it doesn’t discount the idea of ​​living abroad in a new country with a completely new culture where people may not speak your language. The ultimate escapist fantasy during a pandemic.

6. Martha knows best

This show was recently renewed for a second season, and even though it’s not technically all estates and houses, we can’t get enough of Martha, especially during the holiday season! We get to see her insane 153-acre quarantined home valued at over $620 million! We catch up with her hot gardener as she discusses home and garden techniques to make your abode as charming as possible.

7. Help! I wrecked my house

DIY disasters are something we’ve all experienced at one point or another. Fingers crossed it looks like that stunning version of Pinterest, but a “Nailed It!” result is probably more likely. In this feel-good show, Jasmine Roth helps homeowners who have tackled those big DIYs that are preventing them from using bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or other important parts of the house. Here’s a tip: maybe leave it to the professionals in the first place.

8. Flip or flop

Many people who love “Flip or Flop” are simply addicted to the drama of the relationship of married couple (now divorced) Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa, who actually met while working in the real estate industry. The premise of the show is to renovate and sell or flip houses. It shows the entire house flipping process, from start to finish. Usually the homes they find are owned by banks or in foreclosure.

9. My Lottery Dream Home

Hosted by David Bromstad, this show is one of the most popular and entertaining shows on the HGTV lineup right now. Bromstad helps recent lottery winners search for their luxury dream home, regardless of their budget. Also, his sense of style makes the episodes even more watchable. On the air since 2015, it’s the ultimate fantasy for most of us. If you won the lottery, what type of property would you buy?

10. Top retainer

People have mixed feelings about this show and the perfectionist aesthetic that couple Chip and Joanna embrace, but they really made us fall in love with shiplap. This fun couple loves to mix modern style with rustic farmhouse style, and we always get excited when Joanna goes shopping for vintage or antique furniture and accessories. Their style is vastly different from other couples who have shows on HGTV (a cut above the rest in our opinion), but unfortunately the show was canceled. But due to popular demand, they still air many reruns for us to enjoy!

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